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How it works for receivers

An active Mobile phone is the only thing your family needs to receive the money in Tonga or Vanuatu.

Your family or friend gets an SMS as soon as the money arrives.
  • They then enter an access code to see the credit limit available and use the money.
  • There is no time limit for them to use the money, it will simply remain in their mobile wallet until they wish to use it. They can check their balance at any time.
WanTok Money has ultra low fees, so more money arrives for your family in Tonga & Vanuatu.
As soon as your transaction has been processed the recipient will receive an SMS to let them know they can use it straight away. There's no need for your family or friends to hurry to withdraw or use the money as it will be safely stored on their mobile phone. The money is safe in the phone because it's protected by a confidential access code.
Your family members can use the money in the way it will help them most. While there are many ways to use the money sent to your mobile, some customers will need to withdraw their money. This can be done at one of our WanTok Money agents.
The WanTok support team is available Monday - Saturday from 8am to 8pm to help family members with WanTok Money.
Currently there are no fees involved in making a Cash Out transaction!*

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Customer Service
KlickEx Phone:
  • NZ: (+64) 9 377 5539
  • AU: (+61) 1300 266 449

WanTok Phone:
Vanuatu: +678 902 9833
Tonga: +676 24500

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