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How it works for senders

Unlike an international money transfer or wire transfer which could take days, WanTok Money transfers arrive straight to your family or friend's mobile phone in Tonga & Vanautu.
We'll show you how easy it is to send money to the Pacific
Before you can use WanTok Money, you need to have a New Zealand or Australian based bank account.
Step 1:
Join WanTok Money. This easy process is done online and takes no more than 5 minutes.
Step 2:
Log into WanTok Money and choose
Send Money.
Step 3:
Choose a recipient from your contact list or type in the recipient's name and mobile phone number.
Step 4:
Select how much you want to send and how you want to pay.
Step 5:
Click the ‘send now' button. All done!

Benefits for senders

Ultra Low Fees
WanTok Money is a great value way to send money to Tonga or Vanuatu. We've lower fees so more of your money makes it home.
Fast and Convenient
Your family won't have to wait days and travel for miles to receive your gift of money. As soon as the money arrives in your WanTok Money account, you can transfer the funds immediately to your family’s mobile phone in Tonga & Vanuatu. Within seconds of sending, they'll receive an SMS to say the money's arrived.
Safe and Secure
You can rely on WanTok Money to look after your international money transfers because we're one of the most trusted remittance provider in the Pacific. Our systems have proven reliability and security.
Biggest Agent Network
With WanTok's agents your family have more places to cash out or to spend.
Competitive Exchange Rates
Our exchange rates are updated every hour, so you'll always get the latest rate.
More Ways to Help
Because you can choose to send money, it's easy to give your family what they need the most. Money transfers provide flexibility - the credit can be used to get cash from WanTok Money agencies.

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WanTok Phone:
Vanuatu: +678 902 9833
Tonga: +676 24500

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